From customer centricity to how to do business in Africa, our training expands workforce skillset, capabilities, and contribution to achieve excellence in every aspect of your business.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our Excellence in Customer Centricity trainings provide your team with the tools to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers by better understanding their behaviours and anticipating their needs. Trainings are available across a broad cross-section of industries for all staff levels.

UPBeat’s Excellence Program focuses on building and expanding your workforce’s existing skillset to optimize labor satisfaction and opportunity through the development and application of relevant skills to increase customer service, employee growth, and ultimately, profit.

Expand Workforce Skillset

Create A Culture of Transformation

Our Excellence in Transformational Leadership Program works with your management team to develop transformational leaders who have the conceptual, human and technical skills required to steer their company in the right direction and create a culture of excellence-driven transformation.


Companies are increasingly talking about “customer centricity” as a new management paradigm that allows them to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers by better understanding their behaviours and anticipating their needs.  However, these companies have different perspectives about what customer centricity really means and these definitions are often quite contradictory even amongst employees of the same company.

In addition, the current high failure of customer-centric  programmes (estimated at 80% by some research organisations) requires decision-makers to be equipped with the right tools that will enable them to develop and implement customer-centric programmes.

This course is all about equipping you with these tools.


“The African market is quite attractive for the company and for most multinationals if they look at it with the right lens. Most people only see the negatives of Africa. You have to get beyond the perception to see the opportunities” – Global Market Executive

Despite the tough global market conditions,  one continues to see companies scrambling into Africa. The African continent, in the last decade has become the new investment frontier for South African companies as well as Chinese, American and European companies.

Adapting marketing strategies to the local context still remain a challenge for most companies. By overlooking the peculiarities of the African context, companies run the risk of developing and implementing  ineffective marketing strategies.


“80% of CEOs think that their companies offer a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree” — Bain and Company

Despite proclaiming that customers are their most important assets, companies are still finding it difficult to exhibit the type of behaviors that will lead to increased customer service levels that achieve customer satisfaction and ultimately, customer loyalty toward a company, its brands, products or services.

Superb customer service plays an important role in an organization’s ability to acquire and retain customers, generate sustained profits, and strengthen its reputation.

Understanding the fundamentals of customer service will help organizations not only to differentiate themselves from their competitors; but  this will also ensure improved financial performance.


In today’s dynamic and complex environment characterised by ongoing changes, stiff competition and the high demands of customers, companies that will survive are those that have transformational leaders who have the conceptual, human, and technical skills required to steer their company into the right direction.


“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”— Nelson Mandela

Passionate people produce results. Successful organizations recognize that sustainable results flows from a serious commitment to helping people reach their own personal unique potential. When people grow as individuals, they automatically become more effective and valuable as employees. Personal growth training and activities produces new skills,  behaviors, and intelligence that is directly transferable to any job function.

The best employers recognize this and as such offer development programs to unlock their people potential and maximize opportunities for success.

Our two-day personal mastery program will provide employees with the tools they need to tap into their unique potential to maximize the organization’s overall success.


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