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The African continent is home to 54 countries and 1.216 billion people. It is a complex yet plentiful and promising market brimming with potential and opportunity. Gain the UPbeat Advantage and uncover hidden opportunities through our custom Market Intelligence reports.


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  • Uncover New Market Opportunities

    The African market is diverse and complex. Uncover new opportunities for your product, service, or organization with our custom research services.

  • Maximize Efficiency & ROI

    One of the most common mistakes companies make in entering the African market is taking a “learn as we go” strategy unnecessarily spending time and resources along the way. Learn about your target audience and market with our custom research and market reports to maximize efficiency and optimize your ROI.

  • Gain Ground-Level Intelligence

    Anyone can do a Google search to provide topline information. That’s not what we do. We deliver real data from real research conducted and gathered from and by real peopleĀ at the ground level. This ensures you have accurate data to successfully deploy your product, service, or in-market presence.

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